Steps to Empowerment - Allow Yourself to Shine 

You know that there is more available in life? You are living your life pretending that everything is going great. You are telling yourself that it's Ok that your life is how it is - you settle? When deep within your heart you know that you are lying to yourself. You wake up each day with no joy for life. You know that it is time to change. You know that you would love something more as your life.

What would you love more of in your life?

Would it be more Fun, Laughs, Self-Confidence, Happiness, Valuing Yourself, Gratitude for Living, Simplicity of Life and more......

Steps to Empowerment-Allow Yourself to Shine is a self paced eCourse that assists you to make changes in your life in all areas. This course is for those of you who know that the path you are on in life is not where you would love to be, yet are unsure of "how to" make changes or even where to start? 

It is for those of you who are not enjoying life - who are not inspired to move forward - who are feeling as though life is passing you by. It is for those of you who know that change needs to occur and that other possibilities are available? 

This eCourse is here to provide you with simple, practical tools and strategies that you can use every day in life to make changes. Change can appear to be overwhelming, especially when we have done things a certain way all our life. Sometimes it is not knowing how to start or what to do. We use excuses like: "I'm too busy, there's no time, the courses are too expensive, I don't have the money." Sound familiar. 

This is your life. You are the only one that can change your emotions, thoughts and actions. can be busy, you are worth the time it takes to choose more for you.  

Would now be the time to start? Simple easy steps one day at a time and acknowledge you for the changes that happen.

If you have been looking for more this is it - the tools to Build a Solid Foundation as your life. To feel confident in the choices you make and to create a life that you love. Either choice that you make is up to you and only you. What if you chose you?

Steps to Empowerment-Allow Yourself to Shine provides you with simple, practical tools and activities to make changes in your life. They are designed to be simple as these tools can be used every day in life.

This eCourse came about from people like you who asked questions and knew that something else was possible. It contains tools, resources and content that has been used time and time again to change people’s lives. It can really make a difference if you use it.

 Week One: Where Are You Now? What You Can Change?

  • Identify the core principles of your life
  • What are your beliefs and values and what they mean to you
  • How to Build a platform to create the life you would love
  • What is self-love and how to have more
  • What choices are you making
  • Journaling
  • Detailed written content, tools, strategies and activities to work through in your own time

 Week Two: All About YOU - Everything SELF

  • What is self-nurture and how to schedule time for you
  • How to be aware of what your thoughts, feelings and actions contribute to your life
  • What you can do to change your programming
  • Giving yourself permission to choose more for you
  • Detailed written content, tools, strategies and activities to work through in your own time

 Week Three: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • What are the triggers and themes that keep appearing in our life
  • How to change our triggers and themes
  • Coping with change
  • When we look good we feel confident
  • Detailed written content, tools, strategies and activities to work through in your own time

 Week Four: How Our Perception Creates Our World

  • Our self perception create our world
  • What we can do to change how we see ourselves and the world
  • How will I create my day  - everyday
  • Reflect on your journey so far
  • Detailed written content, tools, strategies and activities to work through in your own time
 Week Five: Holistic Approach to Your Well-being
  • If there is joy in your body, there will be joy in your mind
  • Gratitude for where you are and all you have in life
  • Detailed written content, tools, strategies and activities to work through in your own time
Week Six: Choice - Action - Forward Movement
  • What are targets and how to achieve them
  • Know what you know
  • Creating new possibilities
  • Where to from here
  • Detailed written content, tools, strategies and activities to work through in your own time

Workshop Participant Testimonials ~

"An excellent learning experience. All of my staff participated well and learnt a lot from the sessions. I also learnt a lot, more than I had expected to learn. It was a very interesting and growing experience for both work and personal life. Excellent."  - Linda, Manager CMSW


"These sessions are extremely informative, well-structured and delivered confidently. Don’t hesitate to attend the Steps to Empowerment Series and start to grow. Lovely to cross paths with you Jacqueline, Keep Smiling." - Steph CMSW

 "I would recommend this course. It will help people to be self empowered and more confident."   - Daniel R

"If you are lost and don't understand yourself take this course as it was fun and I also learnt something about myself."   - Michael M

"If you would like change in your life and find out how to approach things or learn more about yourself, then come along to this course. I recommend it and I loved it."   - Lyn M

What Happens Next?

You may be one of those people that have spent thousands of dollars on workshops, seminars, or books to implement change in your world. Or you may be just beginning your journey of self-discovery.   

So what makes this one any different - Clients tell me it is the simple, practical tools and strategies provided which you can implement into your life while still living your life. 

One of my targets is to have this information available to everybody who is looking for more out of life. All of the information in this eCourse I have used over and over again in my life. It is some of what I did to create massive change.

The choice is yours.

 Will you choose more for you?

Will you allow yourself to start living a life that you consciously create?

So lets get Started!  Your investment is only $197 for the entire course!  

Simply click on the button below and you will be on your way to allowing yourself to shine in more ways than you thought possible:

Gratitude and Caring

Jacqueline Murray xx



Disclaimer: I have created this material with the intention to offer you choice, possibilities and more of you. Of course I can make no promises about your specific outcomes or results. This material is intended for exploring for your personal growth and is not a substitute for professional support or medical advice, should you require it. This is your choice to what you require for you.